‘English abdicates independent foreign policy over Israel’

15 Jun
Kennedy Graham, Green MP on Wednesday, June 14, 2017

NZ Green Party statement: Bill English’s apology for condemning illegal Israeli settlements shows that New Zealand will not have an independent foreign policy under a National-led Government, the Green Party said today

Bill English is reported to have written a letter to Israeli officials saying that he regretted “the damage done to Israel-New Zealand relations as a result of New Zealand co-sponsoring Security Council resolution 2334”.

“The Prime Minister’s decision to write and ‘express regret’ to Israel for condemning its illegal settlements shows that trade, not principle, guides Bill English on the international stage,” said Green Party global affairs spokesperson Dr Kennedy Graham.

“It shows a lack of moral strength from Bill English to waver on a legitimate, principled stance as soon as a country like Israel throws its weight around.

“These illegal settlements make it harder and harder for there to be peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. Every new settlement takes away productive land from Palestinians and increases resentment

“Foreign Affairs Minister Gerry Brownlee emphasised economic links between Israel and New Zealand when he first walked back the National Government’s condemnation of the illegal settlements.

“International pressure is needed to stop Israel from continuing to build settlements on land belonging to the Palestinian people,” said Dr Graham.


2 Responses to “‘English abdicates independent foreign policy over Israel’”

  1. nils11 June 15, 2017 at 4:57 pm #

    I don’t get it. Israel is breaking International Law with the settlements. NZ sponsors a UN resolution about that Law Breaking. . . Israel throws it’s toys out of the pram and withdraws it’s ambassador. . . Then New Zealand says sorry to the country in the wrong. Or should I say, Bill English says sorry to Israel.Not in my name Bill. My Mother brought me up to know the difference between right and wrong and I would not disrespect her memory to agree with apologising to Israel in this case. Bill. You are Wrong. Lets see if you are Man enough to admit it. . .

    • bill hanna June 16, 2017 at 6:37 am #

      Hes just made NZ look like a yes boy to a people that routinely murders children, commits atrocities that are unheard of, supports & commits terrorists acts world wide and refuses to except any UN agreements

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