Egypt prevents Algerian aid convoy from entering Gaza

21 Aug

Some of the 14 Algerian convoy vehicles that are currently stranded at the Egypt/Gaza border [Photo supplied]

Report based on posts by Middle East Monitor and Daily Sabah (20 August 2017) and Kia Ora Gaza correspondents

Egypt prevents 14 truck Algerian aid convoy from entering Gaza. Convoyers refuse to turn back, and are staging a hunger strike at Rafah border

Egyptian authorities have prevented an Algerian humanitarian aid convoy from entering the Gaza Strip through the Rafah Crossing.

The 14-truck convoy carrying huge containers of mainly medical aid worth over $US3 million, has been organised by the Algerian Scholars Association.

“Egypt’s decision to block the entry of the aid convoy is very unfortunate and does not reflect the positive spirit that has recently characterized Gaza-Egypt relations,” the National Committee for Breaking the Siege of Gaza said in a press statement.

According to Palestinian and Algerian sources, the convoy was denied entry despite having all the required credentials and documents.

Both sources said that the convoy was carrying medicines, medical disposals, electricity generators and other equipment urgently needed for Gaza’s hospitals.

Last Tuesday, Sheikh Yahya Sari, head of the relief department of the Algerian Scholars Association, announced the launch of the convoy. He noted that it included 14 truckloads of aid and five members from the association’s relief department.

Sari said that they obtained all the documents and Egypt’s agreement to deliver the aid to the Gaza Strip.

Algerian reports say that the convoyers have refused to move the trucks from the Rafah border and have been staging a protest hunger strike.

The Algerian Scholars Association has called on the President of the Republic to mediate with the Egyptian authorities in order to allow the convoy to pass through the Rafah crossing to deliver their aid to Gaza. The convoyers are concerned that some of the medicines will deteriorate in the heat.

The row of Algerian convoy trucks parked up at the Rafah border gates [Photo supplied].

The convoy truckers’ message to Egypt: “We enter Gaza or we go on hunger strike”

The Egyptian authorities opened the crossing from Monday to Thursday last week on both sides for the exit of the pilgrims and patients seeking treatment abroad.

The Rafah Crossing, which is the main Gaza opening to the world, has been completely closed since July 2013. On a few rare occasions it was opened for a couple of days to allow hundreds of stranded Gazans travel in and out. Prior to last week’s opening for pilgrims, the last time it briefly opened was five months ago.

Egyptian security forces stand guard at the border as Palestinian Muslim pilgrims arrive at the Rafah crossing between Egypt and the southern Gaza Strip, on August 14, 2017. [Photo: AFP]

3 Responses to “Egypt prevents Algerian aid convoy from entering Gaza”

  1. Maznah August 22, 2017 at 2:36 am #

    Corruption is the root of all evil. 🇹🇷 Turkey has been a bad neighbor to their Muslim brotherhood. Greed , money has made man forget the sufferings of women and children n for humanity. Indeed a PM of no qualities and dignity. I hope the Turks will join the hunger strike that their government to open the Gates and let the 14 truck loads of AID be delivered to Gaza.. This is only HUMAN… wake up 🇹🇷 Turkey . You have a BAD PM.

  2. Pat O'Dea August 22, 2017 at 2:48 am #

    They will succeed. History proves that even dictators can be shamed and pressured.

    Look to Mubarak, who in 2010 said a multinational aid convoy carrying medical aid to Gaza would not be allowed to enter Rafah.

    After being shamed before the whole Arab world, and befire what in Egypt is known as “The Street”, (ie the restive Egyptian people), Mubarak backed down and let the convoy enter Gaza and deliver their aid.

    The whole world is watching.

    The convoyers are not backing down.

    The question before General Al Sisi is this; Will Al Sisi let the convoyers die, and be proved a Zionist lickspittle before the whole world?

    Or will General Al Sisi relent and defy the Zionists by letting the convoy into Gaza to deliver their aid?

    Time will tell.

    I am picking the latter.

  3. Pat O'Dea August 22, 2017 at 3:02 am #

    All governments rule by varying mixtures of consent and force.

    Some governments rely on consent more than force to rule.

    Some governments rule by force more than consent.

    But, just as no Earthly government rules by consent alone.

    No earthly government rules by force alone..

    But not even the most powerful dictator in the world ever rules in a vacuum, They always have at least some layer of society backing them. If that layer of society feels threatened or shamed by association with their leader, The Zionists may have Al Sisi in their back pocket but not even the most sniveling traitor likes their face rubbed in it. Especially when they are tyring to present a public image as a magnanimous strong man.

    “We shall enter Gaza, and we will accept nothing less”

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