What if Palestinian refugees told their own stories?

2 Mar

When Palestinian Refugees Tell Their Own Stories: The Last Earth by Ramzy Baroud

VIDEO: US/Palestinian author Ramzy Baroud introduces his new book.

In this video, Ahmad Al-Haaj and Umm Marwan, two elderly Gaza refugees tell their stories, talk about their lives, villages back in Palestine and refugee camps, where they currently live.

These stories and more are including in Ramzy Baroud’s latest book: THE LAST EARTH: A PALESTINIAN STORY (Pluto Press, London, 2018) with a forward by Ilan Pappe.

“This moving and perceptive book is a journey to the heart of the evils of occupation and colonization suffered by the Palestinians on the ground. It allows the people themselves to narrate authentically and with all the complexities their aspirations, suffering and struggles. Ramzy Baroud knows how to listen, contextualize and convey an inhumanity that has gone for too long and it is hoped that books like this would contribute to its end.” — Ilan Pappe

The book is available via Amazon.com or Pluto Press:  https://www.plutobooks.com/9780745337…

NZ Palestine Solidarity Network will host a NZ speaking tour with Dr Ramzy Baroud during 18 – 25 May. Check this website for details coming soon.

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