Noam Chomsky sends message of support for Freedom Flotilla to Gaza

3 May

Noam Chomsky in the port of Gaza, October 2012, following the Israeli attack on the Swedish flotilla ship Estelle

US linguist and writer, Noam Chomsky has sent the following message of support to the 2018 international Freedom Flotilla to break Israel’s illegal blockade of Gaza:

“The suffering of Gaza is a testament to the human capacity for sadism and pretending “not to see”: sadism on the part of the savage Israeli occupiers, who have never relaxed their iron grip on Gaza for a moment and are now assisted by the brutal Egyptian dictatorship; pretending not to see, on the part of all of those who can act effectively to end these crimes but choose to close their eyes or even worse, to provide crucial support to the torturers. Those who choose to see can quickly discover that the millions of Palestinians caged in the Gaza prison, barred from access to the outside world by their oppressors, are living under carefully managed conditions so dire that Gaza may become uninhabitable within a few years. The pretexts for the cruelty collapse quickly on examination, and have been exposed as fraudulent over and over. But the sadistic punishment persists.

Fortunately, there are some who not only choose to see, but also to act to offer a measure of hope to the Palestinians of Gaza. They also provide a demonstration that courage, integrity, and concern for the plight of those suffering from cruel oppression have not vanished from the earth. The Freedom Flotilla Coalition is a stellar illustration, and deserves full support in once again carrying forward its remarkable initiatives, now in new and impressive ways as it offers international solidarity and hope to the Palestinian people in Gaza in their daily struggle.”

Noam Chomsky

Kia Ora Gaza is a member of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition which has started the 75 day voyage towards Gaza, with a big farewell on 30 April in the Norwegian port of Bergen for the flotilla’s lead boat, a converted arctic fishing trawler Al Awda (The Return), see here for photos and video:

But we cannot get there without your help: our campaign needs your support in order to send a prominent NZ human rights advocate to join the Al Awda and to pay our share of the boats that the Freedom Flotilla is sailing against the blockade of Gaza and for a Just Future for Palestine. Our appeal target is $40,000.

You can donate with a direct payment to our bank account: Kia Ora Gaza Trust, 03-0211-0447718-000, Westpac Bank, Onehunga branch. Afterwards, email with your deposit details so we can send you an e-receipt.

Or write a cheque for ‘Kia Ora Gaza’ and post to: Kia Ora Gaza Trust, P.O. Box 86022, Mangere East, Auckland 2158

Please help us spread the word about our campaign:

  • share our messages with your family, friends and/or work colleagues and encourage them to join our mailing list; 
  • send an endorsement message from your association, union, congregation or political party;
  • organize and attend events to raise funds and awareness for our campaign;
  • follow us on this website or Facebook.

Together, we can help end the blockade!

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