Gaza death toll rises to 55 today – 2771 injured

15 May

VIDEO REPORT: BBC News, 15 May 2018

Palestinian health ministry officials now say at least 52 people have been killed by Israeli forces at the protests on the Israel-Gaza border, and more than 2,200 others injured. The death toll makes Monday the deadliest day since the start six weeks ago of a series of protests dubbed the “Great March of Return”, along the Israel-Gaza border fence. More than 100 Palestinian fatalities have been reported over those six weeks.

Ed: Since this BBC report Gaza’s health authorities have confirmed that 55 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces during the combined boundary-fence protests today against US opening it’s embassy in Jerusalem and the Great March of Return rallies.  South Africa has immediately withdrawn it’s Ambassador to Israel in protest (see report below) – what will be the stance of the NZ government?

Here are today’s grim statistics:

Gaza Ministry of Health Detailed Statistics

Ministry Of Health – International Cooperation Directorate 

Detailed Statistics

The Peaceful Great Return March

08:30 PM  14 May 2018
55 Martyrs                 2771 Casualties


6 children under the age of 18
1 female child


225 Children
79 Females

Medical points 1011
Hospitals 1760

Injuries Severity

🛌 76 Critical, 54 very critical
🛌 1294 Moderate
🛌 1347 Minor

Cause of Injury

☜ 1359 Live Ammunition
☜ 14 Rubber-coated metal bullets
☜ 155 Shrapnel in the body.
☜ 263 Others.
☜ 980 Gas.
Location of the Wounds

90 Head and Neck
192 Upper Limbs
62 Chest and Back
54 Abdomen and Pelvis
1218 Lower Limbs
980 Gas inhaliation
175 Other

Direct targeting of medical staff and Journalists led to 
1 Martyr – Civil Defense
5 Ambulances were partially damaged
17 Paramedics (gas suffocation and live ammunition)
​12 Journalists

(With thanks to


AFP/ Eyewitness New SA report earlier today:

South Africa withdraws Ambassador to Israel following killings of Palestinian protestors

JOHANNESBURG – South Africa has withdrawn its Ambassador to Israel following the killing of Palestinian protestors at the Gaza border.

In a statement, the South African government says it condemns in the strongest terms possible the latest act of violent aggression carried out by Israeli armed forces.

The statement says over 40 people have been killed following a peaceful protest against the provocative inauguration of the US embassy in Jerusalem.

It goes on to say: “Given the indiscriminate and gravity of the latest Israeli attack, the South African government has taken a decision to recall Ambassador Sisa Ngombane with immediate effect until further notice.”

The media release also states South Africa reiterates its view that the Israeli Defence Force must withdraw from the Gaza Strip and bring to an end the violent and destructive incursions into Palestinian territories.

Government has also reiterated calls made by several member states of the United Nations calling for an independent inquiry into the killings, with a view to holding to account those responsible.

Earlier today, the US officially opened its embassy to Israel in Jerusalem.


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