Israel tries to murder Gazan medic many times over

11 Jun

Israel manipulates video of slain medic

VIDEO REPORT by Dan Cohen for RT America, 8 June 2018

The Israeli military promised to investigate the killing of Palestinian medic Razan Al Najjar, then it launched a disinformation campaign to justify her murder by manipulating a video interview of her. RT America’s Dan Cohen reports.

Jewish Voice for Peace deputy director, Ari Wohlfeiler, has voiced his outrage at this media manipulation, on 11 June 2018:

I’m beside myself with anger. 

10 days ago, 21 year-old Razan al-Najjar, a volunteer medic, was shot dead by an Israeli sniper while treating wounded protestors in a clearly visible medic’s uniform. 

There couldn’t be a more fundamental rule of engagement: you don’t kill medical personnel. But this is what happens when soldiers are lined up yards away from protesters and given shoot to kill orders. This is what the world’s “most moral army” does.

But what really makes me furious is how hard it is to get this story out with a bare minimum of accuracy and respect.

On Friday, the New York Times published an article essentially written by and for the Israeli military. With a bare minimum of context, they shared a (quickly debunked) IDF video that doctored an interview with Razan, and went so far as to say Najjar was a “complex person” and suggested that she wasn’t just a “healthcare worker.”

Here’s what I think: I think Razan was one of millions of women – especially women of color – holding social justice and freedom movements together. I think she was an example of someone who chose life. And she was killed for it not just by the sniper’s bullet, but by a clear and terrible set of policy choices that reaches right back to the US government – which means we can do something about it. 

And that’s why it’s so outrageous to read the Times’ take. There are already all too many people out there diligently whitewashing Israeli military actions. Public conversation in the US is already so skewed. Decent reporting matters!

I’m angry, but also incredibly sad. It’s so hard to sit here and not be able to do more. But I do believe that getting the story straight is something we can do – and that its actually necessary if we’re going to help stop the killing.

Thanks for jumping in on this,

Ari Wohlfeiler, 
Deputy Director

Tell the New York Times: 

there is nothing complex about killing an unarmed medic!

Auckland veteran peace activist, Bob van Ruyssevelt, took up Ari’s challenge this morning and penned this letter to the editor of the New York Times:

It is difficult for me to comprehend why a respectable newspaper such as yours should attempt to justify the illegal shooting of Razan al-Najjar, a young woman from Gaza who in no way could be considered any kind of threat to the Israeli Defence Forces. 

Her shooting by an IDF sniper is shocking to the civilized world. The sight of the US representative to the United Nations trying and failing to dissuade the rest of the world from condemning the ongoing slaughter by the IDF (and having to resort to her veto) is troubling and embarrassing, but I guess she will say she is doing what the US administration pays her to.  What is your excuse?

Robert van Ruyssevelt.

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