Second flotilla crew fear imminent Israeli attack

4 Aug

Gaza Freedom Flotilla activists fear imminent Israeli attack

PressTVUK, 4 August 2018

A Swedish-flagged boat attempting to break the siege of Gaza is expecting to be apprehended by Israeli forces at any moment. A few hours ago we spoke to Press TV reporter Richard Sudan who’s currently on board The Freedom vessel which is carrying medical aid for besieged Palestinians, as well as activists who’re trying to raise awareness about the Israeli-imposed blockade.

The lead flotilla boat was hijacked by Israeli forces on Sunday. All on board, including NZ’s Mike Treen, have since been deported home.

Since this report this morning (Sat 4 August) the Freedom has reached within 40 nautical miles of Gaza with no sign of Israeli warships. The lead flotilla boat, Al Awda was hijacked at 49 nautical miles from Gaza’s coastline.

BREAKING NEWS: All contact has been lost with the second flotilla boat, the Freedom – likely to be under attack now.

See subsequent post for a press statement on the hijacking of the Freedom:


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