Israel drops 140 bombs on Gaza with ‘No end in sight’

10 Aug

The Al-Mishal Community Centre & theatre, Gaza City:



Gaza City’s popular Al-Mishal Cultural Centre demolished in Israeli airstrike

VIDEO REPORT: Ruptly, 10 August 2018

Rockets unleashed by Israeli F16 aircrafts demolished the Al-Mishal Cultural Centre in the west of Gaza city on Thursday. Drones targeted the building with two warning rockets before eight F16 rockets levelled the building, reducing it to rubble. Palestinians later assembled close to attack site with ambulances rushing in to carry the wounded away. According to Palestinian medical sources, a total of seven were left injured in the densely-populated area.

Israeli military official: “No end in sight” for current escalation in Gaza; 140 bombs dropped overnight

IMEMC News, Gaza City, 10 August 2018

Despite the killing of a pregnant woman and her baby by an Israeli airstrike on their home, Israeli officials issued a statement later that night saying that they planned to continue the current escalation in Gaza with no end in sight.

The Israeli military, one of the most powerful armies on the planet, launched a full-scale military assault on the besieged coastal Strip Wednesday night, dropping at least 140 bombs, according to the Israeli military spokesperson. The Palestinian population of Gaza, which includes more than one million children in its total population of two million, has no military.

The ad hoc resistance groups that sprung up in recent years in Gaza to counter the Israeli military occupation of Palestinian land fired dozens of shells across the Israeli-militarized border in response. Israelis living in the town of Sderot, constructed provocatively close to the Gaza-Israel border, rushed to underground shelters. Nine were lightly injured.

In addition to the mother, daughter (pictured below) and unborn baby that were killed Wednesday, Israeli forces also wounded more than a dozen Palestinians by dropping bombs from drones and planes. Several were wounded seriously and taken to intensive care units at the hospital.

This is one-and-a-half-year-old Bayan. Little Bayan and her nine-month pregnant mom were killed in last night’s Israeli shelling. They are not numbers.

Pregnant Woman and Child Killed as Israel Attacks Gaza

Palestine Chronicle report, August 9, 2018

At least three Palestinians, including a pregnant woman and her 18-month-old child, were killed by Israeli air attacks and artillery shelling on the besieged Gaza Strip, according to the Palestinian health ministry.

The Israeli military claimed it launched the attacks late on Wednesday after about 150 rockets were fired from the besieged coastal enclave.

Israel’s military on Thursday warned Hamas against a further escalation in violence, and Israeli media said officials were considering evacuating residents from areas near the Gaza fence.

A senior military official was quoted as saying on the military’s Twitter account:

“The way things continue to play out is significant. Hamas will understand in the coming hours, as in the past months, that this is not the direction it wants to choose.”

The official Palestinian news agency WAFA, citing health sources, reported at least one Palestinian was killed and 12 others were wounded.

The heavy exchange of fire comes as attempts to secure a ceasefire were reportedly making progress.

Abdullatif al-Kanoo, a spokesperson for the resistance group Hamas, said in a Twitter post on Thursday:

“In regards to the continuing [Israeli] aggression …The Palestinian resistance is in self-defense and has a duty to respond to the aggression against  our people.”

He continued:

“The escalation of the barbaric shelling of Gaza and the deliberate targeting of civilians [by Israel] is premeditated and the [Israeli] occupation will suffer the repercussions and pay a higher price for its crimes.”

Wednesday’s exchange came just a day after two Palestinians in Gaza were killed by Israeli fire.

The dead Palestinians were identified as Ahmed Murjan and Abdel-Hafez al-Silawi, both 23 years old, and Hamas confirmed they were members of the group.

The attacks come as the UN and Egypt try to secure a deal between Israel and Hamas for a lasting truce.

Nickolay Mladenov, the UN’s special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, said on Wednesday he was “deeply alarmed by the recent escalation of violence between Gaza and Israel, and particularly by today’s mutiple rockets fired towards communities in southern Israel”.

More than 150 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire since the Great March of Return protests were launched at the end of March. One Israeli soldier was shot dead by a Palestinian sniper. At least 16,000 Palestinians have been wounded, according to health officials in Gaza.

The protests call for Palestinians to be able to return to the land they or their families fled or were expelled from in the 1948 war that established the state of Israel.

Israeli forces have launched three military assaults on the Gaza Strip since 2008.

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  1. Sandra Ethell August 10, 2018 at 3:49 pm #

    It is awful what is happening in Gaza now.
    Once again civilians, often children are killed and maimed.
    Much work is going on behind the scenes
    on many levels to help find healthy solutions.
    It is not enough. The way the information about conflicts in this region are worded so often uses language biased in favour of Israel and demonises anything to do with Palestinians.
    The August issue of North and South magazine has an article on Palestine/israel.

  2. seachranaidhe1 August 10, 2018 at 9:15 pm #

    Reblogged this on seachranaidhe1.

  3. A.Snelling Berg August 10, 2018 at 10:05 pm #

    The Israel government are barbarians.

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