Israel to sell Freedom Flotilla boats to support settlers

7 Sep

From 2008 to 2016, international activists have sailed 31 boats to challenge the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza. File photo, above, of the Al Awda, lead flotilla boat of the 2018 flotilla unlawfully hijacked by Israeli forces in international waters recently.

Palestine Chronicle6 September, 2018

Israel plans to sell four boats seized while sailing towards the besieged Gaza Strip and distribute the funds among two settlers families.

Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported yesterday that the move came in response to the Israeli Central Court’s decision following a request filed by the families.

Israel has in recent weeks confiscated four boats coming from Europe in an effort to break the Israeli navy blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli army announced that it is holding the boats in the port of Ashdod in central Israel.

One of the two families, the Gavish family says three of its members were killed in a 2002 attack while they were in a house in the illegal settlement of Elon Moreh in the northern West Bank, while the Feinstein family claims one of its members was killed in an attack in Jerusalem in 2001.

The Israeli paper said the court found a direct link between the attacks and Hamas, adding that the money obtained from the sale of the boats will probably not exceed several thousand shekels, but the two families see the decision as important in principle.


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