Mike Treen is coming to speak in Hamilton on Friday

18 Sep

Recently returned from the international Freedom Flotilla that set out to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza Palestine and deliver humanitarian (medical) aid, Mike Treen, National Director at Unite Union and long term long-time activist says “I have a few stories to tell!”

Mike Treen has spoken of his experience in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and now he comes to Hamilton. He speaks of the treatment his fellow crew members (women and men) by the recent Freedom Gaza Flotilla experienced were subjected to by the Israeli military.

His presentation is not only an eye-witness recounting of those harrowing events, but is a considered overview of the current situation today. Treen’s presentation touches on the growing international support for the Palestinian people and includes steps our NZ government could take to promote the conditions necessary for justice and peace.

He has received standing ovations at his presentations these gatherings for his role “on behalf of New Zealand” as one among the 22 people seized imprisoned following during the seizure of the ‘Al Awda’ boat by the Israelis in international waters – a breach of international law an event that seems to have been ignored by world leaders and our own government.

Not to be missed! Free entry – donations welcome.

This Friday 21 September at 6:30pm

Building S, Room 1.04

University of Waikato

(first floor – follow link for map of campus: https://www.waikato.ac.nz/contacts/map/)

Gate 1 Knighton Road, Hamilton, New Zealand 3216. (Parking near gate)

Show Map

  • Hosted by Palestine Human Rights Campaign Waikato
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