Solidarity from the other side of the fence…

27 Sep

Israeli activists stand in solidarity with the Great March of Return

VIDEO: On the 21st September around 50 Israeli activists went to Malaka located right next to the Gaza border to demonstrate in solidarity with the Palestinians participating in the Great March of Return. The weekly protests on the Gaza border have been organised since 30th March and demand for the Palestinian refugees right to return to their homes they were expelled from in 1948 and the end of the siege on Gaza. Israeli activists flew Palestinian flags and had a banner which said: “Liberate the Gaza ghetto”. Protestors also contacted the organisers of the Great March of Return by phone to express solidarity.

After the demonstration had taken place for about half an hour the army declared the area a closed military zone and demanded everyone leave. While the Israeli activists left this time they promised to come back to stand together with the Gaza people against the siege and their right to a fair and just life. For more information about the Return Group:

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