Roger Waters’ message after cover band ‘buckled’

21 Dec

Roger Waters’ Facebook message [21 December] to the UK Pink Floyd cover band who have decide to perform in Israel, reversing their previous decision to cancel the planned tour:

A note from Roger:

The Jerusalem Post / [reports that] ‘UK Pink Floyd Experience’ have change of HEART.

In the Jerusalem Post, Ziv Rubinstein says he flew to England to speak to the band and ‘spoke to their HEART’ for a week.

Hmmm! According to the band’s spokesperson, Dave Power, Rubinstein ‘spent days explaining to him and the rest of the band that, he, ‘Rubinstein’ and ‘EGO concerts’ the promoters would sue ‘UK Pink Floyd Experience’ relentlessly, and that, he, ‘Dave Powers’ would be broken financially and would probably lose his house.’ After a week of HEART to HEART, the band caved.

I’m sorry you buckled boys, I could, and would, have helped you resist had you asked. It has been suggested that I published your phone numbers as an act of spite. I don’t know any of your phone numbers. It’s just part of the Israeli lobby’s Hasbara, trying to paint me as a wicked bully rather than a concerned human rights activist. You have told my management that you’ll be doing a set in Israel without performing any of my songs. Well, thank you for that small concession, it won’t bring back the dead or help end the occupation, but please post the set list. I’ll be most interested. I assume it will comprise Syd’s songs, Great Gig, Fat Old Sun, and post-1985 material? Please ask the Israeli tribute band who share the bill with you to denounce their country’s apartheid policies during their set. I hope they, like you, are not playing any of my songs. I bear you no ill will.

Video by Australian Palestine Advocacy Network, May 2018

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  1. H Appel December 23, 2018 at 5:03 pm #

    Time for new songs about apartheid, occupation, random killing etc. Aim for the non-Zionist audience of those who disagree with their country’s Zionist action and propaganda.

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