Watch: ‘GAZA – a look into the eyes of barbarism’

11 Feb

WATCH THE AWARD-WINNING DOCUMENTARY: “Gaza : a look into the eyes of barbarism”

Gaza” which was directed by Julio Pérez del Campo and produced by Carles Bover Martínez, is a moving documentary which depicts the reality and horror of life as endured by the people in the besieged Palestinian enclave of Gaza. “Gaza” recently won the prestigious 2019 Goya Award for ‘best short documentary.’

The film takes viewers on a journey through Gaza’s streets, introduces them to its people under occupation, Israel’s military assaults and harsh 12 year siege and blockade.

In his acceptance speech, del Campo dedicated the win to “all the people who have kept alive the struggle of the Palestinian people. For those who are among us and those who are not.”

“I believe that many things can be done from the world of culture, but the first is not to legitimise countries that systematically violate human rights.””Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people,” he added. For a video report featuring de Campo’s acceptance speech see our earlier post:

Since receiving the award, screening of the film has experienced censorship in Spain – see this RT report:

‘Gaza’ documentary filmmakers face censorship.

RT, 8 February 2019.

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