Solidarity from Gaza for Christchurch victims

16 Mar

Palestinians in Gaza went out to the streets in solidarity with Christchurch Mosque shooting victims last night. Gaza Post 16 March 2019

NZ terror attack severely affected the Palestinians

The New Zealand terror attack severely affected on the Palestinians

By Tareq al-Shareef, Gaza Post, 16 March 2019

Earlier this morning a man in his late 20’s stormed into two mosques full of Muslim worshipers in New Zealand leaving 49 dead and dozens severely injured. 

He streamed a live video of the terrorist attack on his own Facebook page which showed him firing Indiscriminately at men, women, and children from zero distance. 

A number of Palestinians were killed and others were injured in a terror attack that targeted two mosques in New Zealand on Friday, says Palestine ambassador to Australia Ezat abed-Al Hadi. 

Palestinian Waseem abed-Razeq and his son, from the occupied Palestinian Tubas city, have been critically injured during the terror attack that targeted two mosques in New Zealand today.

Another Palestinian was dead, he is the Palestinian doctor Mohammed Atta Eleyan and his son were injured in the terror attack on the two mosques in New Zealand. According to local media sources.

The attack led to the killing of at least 49 Muslims and seriously injured other dozens in Christchurch, New Zealand, said New Zealand government.

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