Take action to stop RIMPAC war exercises

18 Jun

RIMPAC: The world’s largest international maritime exercise is scheduled to take place in the Pacific in August.
These hugely extravagant war preparations impact on the Palestinian struggle, as RIMPAC 2020 is due to go ahead in the face of a impassioned call for an immediate global ceasefire by the United Nations General Secretary and the Pope, as well as the leaders of 53 countries, and for state forces to instead seriously focus on uniting to combat the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.
Besieged Gaza, one of the most densely populated, under-resourced and impoverished areas in the world, would be one of the hardest hit if Covid-19 gets transmitted there, due to Israel’s illegal 13-year blockade and constant military attacks.

Kia Ora Gaza and the other supporters of this campaign to Cancel RIMPAC, say that New Zealand should withdraw from RIMPAC and set a positive example for world peace and for combined efforts to eradicate Covid-19.

#CancelRIMPAC: International Day of Action

Thousands of people across Aotearoa and the world joined in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter to stand against systemic racism both inside the United States and everywhere. The US police are intimately tied to the US military that enforce white supremacist violence across the globe under the rubric of the “war on terrorism.” New Zealand should have no involvement with the US empire and its forces of violence. Instead we must stand for a free and independent Pacific. The global day of action – this Saturday 20 June – is about educating people and building solidarity across the Pacific between those who resist RIMPAC 2020.


Ideas for actions:

Key Messages for actions:

  • Stop US Wars. No RIMPAC 2020
  • Healthcare NOT warfare. Cancel RIMPAC wargames
  • Solidarity Across the Pacific. Resist RIMPAC 2020
  • For a Nuclear-free, Weapons-free & Independent Pacific
  • Cancel RIMPAC, Protect Hawai’i
  • For a Free, Independent & Indigenous Pacific
  • Peace in the Pacific
  • You cannot simultaneously prepare for war and for peace. NZ out of RIMPAC.

Key Hashtag for the Day of Action: #CancelRIMPAC

Resources to Use:

For more info about RIMPAC

If you would like to know more or find support for holding your action, you can email Auckland Peace Action at aucklandpeaceaction@gmail.com
Ngā mihi mahana.

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