Come on Minister – sort this out!

16 Feb

The Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa has asked the government to stop buying weapons from a crooked Israeli company – but almost four months on and no response from the minister’s office.

Minister of Defence Peeni Henare

For almost four months new Minister of Defence Peeni Henare’s office has stalled replying to the PSNA request they stop purchasing military equipment from Israeli weapons manufacturer Elbit Systems Limited – a notorious international lawbreaker which “battle-tests” its weapons on Palestinians. Four separate requests and reminders have been sent from PSNA but nothing in response.

Dear readers: PSNA needs you to help get the right response from the Minister.

Please copy and paste this email to the minister now.

Peeni Henare
Minister of Defence


Kia ora Mr Henare,

Stop the double standards in government

Please respond urgently to my request the government cease all purchases from notorious Israeli arms manufacturer Elbit Systems Limited.

Elbit Systems helped build Israel’s “apartheid wall” which was declared illegal under international law by the International Court of Justice in 2003.

The New Zealand Superfund and ACC have withdrawn investments from Elbit Systems because of this but in a spectacular double standard the Defence Force has continued buying weapons from this crooked company which “battle-tests” them on Palestinians. This must stop.

For almost four months your office has failed to respond to numerous requests for action on this. I request you respond without further delay.


(your name)

When you email the minister please CC it to

You can read more about this double standard in a blog by PSNA National Chair John Minto here.Meanwhile in Britain Extinction Rebellion members have joined with Palestine solidarity activists in direct action against Elbit Systems in the UK.

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