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26 Sep

A Shared Struggle: Stories of Palestinian and Irish hunger strikers details the personal experiences of 24 Palestinian and 7 Irish hunger strikes in their fight to win their basic rights.

Join the free launch for this remarkable book, highlighting the plight of Palestinian and Irish hunger strikers and the intersectionality of the Palestinian-Irish struggle against settler-colonialism.

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The stories in A Shared Struggle provide an answer as to why a prisoner might choose starvation (sometimes to death) over accepting humiliating prison conditions.

Our panellists include Richard Falk, Former UNHRC Special Rapporteur for Palestine; Hilal Jaradat, Former Political Prisoner for 27 years; Danny Morrison, Spokesperson for IRA hunger strikers; Yousef Aljamal, Translator of A Shared Struggle; Norma Hashim, Editor of A Shared Struggle. View the full line-up here.

Join this special book launch event for free on Sunday, 3 October 2021 at 6am NZ time (6pm Saturday 2 October UK time).

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Endorsements for ‘A Shared Struggle’:

“Hunger strikes are the last desperate weapon for political prisoners denied justice. For many years, there has been solidarity between the Palestinians, South Africans fighting apartheid and the struggle for Irish unity. That mutual support is active now and needed more than ever, as the oppression of the Palestinians becomes ever more brutal. This is an important book, and I’m sure it will be widely read.”

Ken Loach, Award-winning film director

“With its harrowing accounts of the bravery and strength of Palestinian and Irish republican hunger strikers, this book will inspire people to support the freedom struggles of oppressed people all over the world and will shine a light on the brutal Israeli apartheid regime. When people are prepared to sacrifice their own lives for a cause they will never be defeated.”

Senator Frances Black, Dublin, Ireland

“My refusal to take food was not a suicide attempt as it was portrayed by the Israeli occupation media, but rather it was a legitimate defence tool in which I used my body to impose my demands and highlight my case as a political prisoner who has been stripped off his dignity and freedom. Despite my prior knowledge of the risk of going on a hunger strike and that I might lose my life the same as some Irish hunger strikers did, I decided to go on with my hunger strike because every martyr who falls on this path is a light to those who seek freedom. I encourage you to read this book to learn more about the experiences of Palestinian and Irish hunger strikers. One line on the wall of my cell read “Read until your sight goes away so that your vision strengthens.” This book is an important read.”

Mahmoud Al-Sarsak, Palestinian footballer and former hunger striker in Israeli jails

“It is an essential read for those wishing to understand why servitude is never an option, and why the struggle for freedom is worth all the painful sacrifices.”

– Ramzy Baroud, author of These Chains Will Be Broken: Palestinian Stories of Struggle and Defiance in Israeli Prisons

The Panel:

Richard Falk

Former UNHRC Special Rapporteur for Palestine

Richard Anderson Falk is Professor Emeritus of International Law at Princeton University and the former UNHRC Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Hilal Jaradat

Former Political Prisoner for 27 years

Hilal Jaradat is a former Palestinian prisoner from Jenin in the West Bank who spent 27 years in Israeli jails. He was released to Gaza in 2011 as part of the Schalit deal. While in prison, he attempted to escape through a tunnel which was uncovered. He also learnt to speak 16 languages.

Danny Morrison

Spokesperson for IRA hunger strikers

Danny Morrison, a journalist, author, a spokesperson for the IRA hunger strikers and Secretary of the Bobby Sands Trust. Morrison has co-edited the book with Dr Asaad Abusharkh, an Irish Palestinian academician.

Yousef Aljamal

Translator of A Shared Struggle

Yousef Aljamal is a PhD Candidate at the Middle East Institute at Sakarya University, Turkey. He has published/translated articles/books on Palestine and the Middle East and most recently translated A Shared Struggle: Stories of Palestinian and Irish and Palestinian Hunger Strikers. His work focuses on Palestine political prisoners, diaspora, security and terrorism studies.

Norma Hashim

Editor of A Shared Struggle

Norma Hashim has been involved in advocacy and relief work for Palestine since 2009 and is treasurer of Viva Palestina Malaysia. She founded the Hashim Sani library in Gaza and has edited two books with Yousef Aljamal on Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons – The Prisoners’ Diaries and Dreaming of Freedom: Palestinian child prisoners speak.

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