International solidarity convoy prepares to deliver medical aid to besieged Gaza

15 Feb
Humanitarian aid workers in Egypt today with a Kia Ora Gaza banner and some of the wheelchairs bound for besieged Gaza.

An international solidarity convoy is currently preparing to travel from Cairo to Gaza to deliver a consignment of urgently needed medical aid.

Headed by a small delegation from Miles of Smiles and Medics Worldwide, the aid convoy will be the first civilian humanitarian group to breach Israel’s illegal blockade of the war-ravaged Gaza Strip since Covid restrictions were applied in 2020.

A variety of crucial medical and disability supplies worth over $US200,000, including over 250 new wheelchairs and walking frames, have been sponsored by organisations in countries from around the world such as Algeria, Malaysia, Turkey, United Kingdom and Aotearoa/New Zealand. The aid will be delivered to the Ministry of Health in Gaza to be distributed to health agencies.

Kia Ora Gaza raised $10,000 towards this project from supporters throughout Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Kia Ora Gaza and several Freedom Flotilla campaigns also sponsored an ambulance on the Miles of Smiles convoy of 37 new ambulances that reached Gaza in 2021.

Kia Ora Gaza banner in the convoy compound in Cairo
Miles of Smiles convoy leader Khalid Al-Yousef organises the medical aid in a compound in Cairo
Wheelchairs bound for besieged Gaza
Logos of the main international organisations supporting the solidarity convoy to Gaza
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