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MaoriTV journalist welcomed home after Israeli detention

2 Jul

FullSizeRender 4An ecstatic welcome home from MaoriTV colleague Adrian Stevanon.

MaoriTV senior journalist, Ruwani Perera arrived home to an ecstatic welcome from colleagues, family and friends at Auckland Airport this morning, after her ordeal following the hi-jacking of the Freedom Flotilla boat, the ‘Marianne’, in international waters and her subsequent detention and deportation. Happy to be home, she told well-wishers that the boarding and detention was “far from ‘uneventful'”, as described by Israeli authorities. [See earlier report on kiaoragaza.net]. Her MaoriTV cameraman, Jake Bryant, similarly detained & deported, has travelled to Europe for another assignment.

FullSizeRender 3

Ruwani shows her passport emblazoned with Israeli detention & deportation stickers. Her cell phone and other equipment was all confiscated by her Israeli jailers, and never returned.

FullSizeRender 2A warm airport welcome from Kia Ora Gaza chair, Roger Fowler. Kia Ora Gaza facilitated the opportunity for MaoriTV to cover the Freedom Flotilla III mission. We understand that MaoriTV plans to document the venture, with exclusive footage, to be aired sometime soon.

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