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Solidarity convoy of urgent medical aid gets into Gaza.

19 Aug

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A convoy of six trucks loaded with urgently needed relief supplies, has broken through the Israeli/Egyptian siege and arrived in the war-ravaged Gaza Strip. The cargo includes medical aid funded by generous Kiwi donors through the Kia Ora Gaza medical aid appeal.

However, our Kia Ora Gaza-sponsored ambulance has yet to be cleared by Egyptian authorities.

Here is the latest report from our international partners:

FIMA Gaza Relief Update No:35, 18 August 2014 [Slighlty edited/abridged]

Yesterday [a convoy of] 6 trucks funded by the Arab Medical Union/FIMA initiative entered Gaza. It was filled with medical & surgical supplies worth $200K.

Twenty Islamic Medical Associations, charity & relief NGOs from Egypt, Malaysia, USA, Turkey, Pakistan, New Zealand, Qatar, South Africa, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia contributed to this initiative since the entry of the first convoy on 12 July 2014.

This is the 4th convoy from the AMU/FIMA to enter Gaza [since Israel’s war on Gaza began].
Four ambulances have been donated to the MOH Gaza. Another four have been cleared by the Egyptian authorities and 12 are awaiting intelligence clearance. It is a laborious process where many other NGOs have failed and joined our AMU/FIMA initiative!

This is the blessing of team work & international collaboration.

[And from a previous report:] Kia Ora Gaza NZ are planning a huge rally this weekend. They donated one ambulance & medical supplies & hope to raise more funds. Roger Fowler chairman of Kia Ora Gaza was in the 2010 VP convoy to Gaza (150 trucks & 300 volunteers from 30 countries) and has been back to Gaza twice. VPM hosted him & his wife in Kuala Lumpur a few weeks ago

We salute the untiring and consistent efforts of Kia Ora Gaza NZ to mainstream the Gaza humanitarian crisis.

Pictures are attached for your perusal.

Dr. Ashraf Jedaar, Director FIMA Relief (Federation of Islamic Medical Associations)

Dr Musa Nordin, Chair, Viva Palestina Malaysia (VPM) & FIMA Advisory Council.

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