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Is Gaza blockade breaking international law?

3 Jul


VIDEO: Inside Story report, Aljazeera, 1 July 2015

Israel’s navy seizes an activists’ boat attempting to break a blockade of the Palestinian territory. It’s almost a year since Israel’s 50-day war on Gaza. The assault, dubbed Operation Protective Edge, added to the already desperate living conditions for the 1.8 million people living in the Palestinian territory. A UN report in August concluded that almost everyone in Gaza faced some urgent need for basic protection, healthcare, housing, food and water.

In a largely symbolic gesture, a converted trawler has tried to break an Israeli blockade of the coastal strip to deliver humanitarian aid. But the Marianne was boarded by the Israeli Navy on Monday, and the activists detained. On Inside Story: is Israel justified in maintaining its nine year blockade in the name of security, or are the continued restrictions in contravention of international law?

Presenter:Martine Dennis. Guests: Rami Abdo – Director of the Euro-Mediterranean Observer for Human Rights. Ben Hartman – national security correspondent for the Jerusalem Post. Diala Chehade – president of the Center for Defending Civil Rights and Liberties and an international criminal law specialist.

Disregarding Gaza

19 Mar


A short documentary examines the absence of Gaza and the Palestinians from the Israeli elections.
Shot during Operation Protective Edge, this film is an examination of what’s missing from the mainstream media.

Tribunal hears evidence of incitement to genocide

8 Oct


Video: David Sheen addressed the Russell Tribunal recently, outlining evidence of Israeli incitement for genocide during the ‘Operation Protective Edge’ 51-day assault on Gaza.

David Sheen is an independent journalist and film maker originally from Toronto, Canada who now lives in Dimona, Israel. Sheen began blogging when he first moved to Israel in 1999 and later went on to work as a reporter and editor at the Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz. His full-length documentary on ecological architecture, “First Earth”, was translated into a dozen languages and published by PM Press in 2010. Sheen gave a TEDx talk on the topic of the film in Johannesburg, South Africa later that year. He is currently writing a book about African immigrants to Israel and the struggles they face. Sheen’s website is www.davidsheen.com and he tweets from @davidsheen.



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