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One night at Al-Shifa hospital during Israel’s war on Gaza

20 Apr


PressTV Documentary, 2015

Gaza was attacked yet again by the Israeli Occupation for 50 days during July-August last year. PressTV Documentaries visited Al-Shifa hospital on 19 July 2014 hospital and heard the graphic accounts of patients, doctors, nurses, activists, and journalists and witness heartbreaking scenes, the results of the escalating brutality of the Occupation.

Al-Shifa hospital is the largest medical complex and central hospital of Gaza. It assumed other functions amidst the conflict; here is how doctors describe Al-Shifa, “a de-facto refugee camp, shelter, local hangout, and target.” Through this exclusive documentary we experience a full range of casualties during a night at Al-Shifa. Here we smell blood, death, and faraway torture. We see how innocent people from different ages die every day and night.

The moving documentary features interviews with international witnesses, including Huda Julie Webb-Pullman from New Zealand.

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