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Egypt closes Gaza’s Rafah crossing again

24 Aug
The Rafah crossing, Gaza’s only connection to the outside world, has been virtually closed since October 2014, allowing only a fraction of Gazans to leave or enter the blockaded enclave.

Days of Palestine, Gaza Strip, 22 August 2015

Egyptian authorities closed the Rafah Crossing with Gaza on Friday, after it had been open for four days to allow emergency cases through.

Spokesperson of Palestinian Interior Ministry in Gaza Iyad al-Buzom said that 2,579 humanitarian cases left Gaza while 3,178 people entered the coastal territory.

Egypt prevented 146 Palestinians from leaving Gaza, he added.

Some 17,000 Palestinians need to urgently leave the territory, either for medical treatment or to continue their study abroad.

Egypt did not indicate when the crossing would be opened next.

The Rafah crossing, Gaza’s only connection to the outside world, has been virtually closed since October 2014, allowing only a fraction of Gazans to leave or enter the blockaded enclave.

Four Gazans were abducted by masked gunmen in Sinai just minutes after they had passed the Rafah Crossing.

Egypt blames Sinai ISIS for the abduction, but Hamas and Egyptian tribesmen reiterated that the Egyptian security abducted them.


Thousands of Palestinians storm Rafah crossing

11 Mar


Middle East Monitor  report 10 March 2015

Thousands of Palestinians stormed the Rafah Crossing when it was opened yesterday morning. The Palestinians were in urgent need to travel either to seek medical attention, for studies, work or other reasons.

After 45 days of its continuous closure, the Egyptian authorities announced that they would reopen the crossing for two days from yesterday. More than 500 pilgrims who had visas to travel to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, in February have missed out on the opportunity to go as their visas have expired.

Rafah Crossing is the only window for about 1.8 million Gaza residents to the outside world. There are six other crossings between Gaza and Egypt, but because of the eight year Israeli siege on Gaza, the crossings have been almost entirely closed except for the entry of certain goods.

According to the records of the interior ministry in Gaza, more than 10,000 residents are registered for urgent leave. On Monday, only 361 were allowed through the crossing.

Resident Hussein Fojo, 43, said he waited for many hours in the travel lounge on the Palestinian side, hoping to leave to reunite with his family in Egypt. His attempts were unsuccessful.

“I came to Gaza four months ago for a one-month visit,” he told the Anadolu Agency. “Because of the closure, I am stuck here. I lost my job.”

Sa’diyyeh Abdul-Khaliq, an elderly lady who is in need of treatment for a liver disease, managed to get on the bus to Egypt. She said: “I hoped I could travel. I have been trying for four months. This illness cannot be treated in Gaza so I am forced to head to Egypt.”


Meanwhile another group of Egyptian soldiers have been killed and injured during an ambush in the Sinai,  further escalating tensions in the area..
Hamas says attacks on Egyptian soldiers are a ploy to keep Rafah crossing closed
Middle East Monitor report 10 March 2015.

A senior Hamas official has condemned the latest attack on Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai Peninsula. Such attacks, claims Mousa Abu-Marzouk, are a ploy to push the Egyptians to keep the Rafah border crossing closed and damage relations between Hamas and the government in Cairo.

“The Rafah crossing was reopened after a long time and many appeals by different parties,” Abu-Marzouk wrote on his Facebook page. “After this attack, I am sure that there are some parties thinking of keeping the crossing closed and our relations with Cairo unresolved.” He called on Egypt not to fulfil the wishes of these “parties”, keep the crossing open and maintain links with the Islamic Resistance Movement in Palestine.

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Egypt allows a few Palestinians to cross Rafah border

21 Jan
Report from Rafah Border Crossing FB, 20 January 2014
“The Gate of #Gaza central prison (Rafah crossing) is open today, tomorrow and (Thursday). Out of 40,000 people wishing to leave, only 4 buses of 200 people managed to cross so far; 54 out of which were forced to return back to Gaza by the Egyptian authorities because they didn’t have enough papers or reasons to leave.

People at the Rafah crossing say the situation is unbearable.”

Egypt has kept the Rafah crossing tightly closed except for a small number of people on a few days since 24 October last year. See earlier reports on kiaoragaza.net [Ed]

safe_image-1A mass prayer protest at the Rafah crossing last Friday

Egypt court considers demand to close Rafah permanently

16 Dec

237498_345x230The Rafah border crossing with Gaza remains closed by Egypt

Ma’an News Agency report, El-Arish, Egypt, 15 December 2014

The Cairo Court for Urgent Matters is scheduled to convene Monday to look into a suit filed by an Egyptian lawyer demanding that Egypt close the Rafah crossing with Gaza.

The lawyer, Nasser Hasan Rida, recently filed a suit at the court asking it to bind Egypt’s president, prime minister and foreign minister to close the Rafah crossing with the Gaza Strip once and for all.

The filer argued in his complaint that the border terminal must be closed because of attacks on Egyptian army and police officers in Sinai which Egyptian authorities accused Hamas of carrying out.

36,000 stranded while waiting for Rafah crossing to open

21 Nov

300750_345x230Egyptian troops have closed the Rafah border crossing for over four weeks

Middle East Monitor report, 20 November 2014

There are 30,000 humanitarian cases that are in dire need of travel, while 6,000 Palestinians are stranded in Egypt awaiting the opening of the Rafah crossing which has been closed for over four weeks, the Ministry of Interior and National Security in Gaza said.

Speaking during a press conference yesterday, the spokesman for the Ministry of Interior in Gaza, Eyad Al-Bozum, said that those who are considered humanitarian cases either suffer from serious illnesses, have residency permits, are students, or have foreign passports.

He added that the continued closure of the crossing has created a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza, as it is the residents’ only lifeline and window to the outside world. Al-Bozum explained that many humanitarian aid convoys and solidarity delegations have been unable to enter Gaza, especially after the most recent war which lasted 51 days.

According to Al-Bozum, the crossing has been closed for 208 days this year due to a new Egyptian policy. This has intensified the suffering of the people of the Gaza Strip, who have already been suffering for eight years under due to Israel’s siege on the enclave.

He stressed that there is no justification for the Egyptian authorities’ closure of the Rafah crossing, noting that the crossing has never been a burden on Egyptian security and there have never been any security violations.

Al-Bozum called on the Egyptian authorities to open the Rafah crossing immediately and to facilitate the passage of people and goods in light of the disastrous conditions suffered by the people of Gaza.

Egyptian authorities closed the Rafah ground crossing completely on October 24 citing the deteriorating security situation in Sinai. It is unknown when it will reopen.

The Rafah crossing is the only crossing that serves the 1.8 million Palestinians living in besieged Gaza which is not subject to Israeli controls.


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