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MaoriTV journalist welcomed home after Israeli detention

2 Jul

FullSizeRender 4An ecstatic welcome home from MaoriTV colleague Adrian Stevanon.

MaoriTV senior journalist, Ruwani Perera arrived home to an ecstatic welcome from colleagues, family and friends at Auckland Airport this morning, after her ordeal following the hi-jacking of the Freedom Flotilla boat, the ‘Marianne’, in international waters and her subsequent detention and deportation. Happy to be home, she told well-wishers that the boarding and detention was “far from ‘uneventful'”, as described by Israeli authorities. [See earlier report on kiaoragaza.net]. Her MaoriTV cameraman, Jake Bryant, similarly detained & deported, has travelled to Europe for another assignment.

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Ruwani shows her passport emblazoned with Israeli detention & deportation stickers. Her cell phone and other equipment was all confiscated by her Israeli jailers, and never returned.

FullSizeRender 2A warm airport welcome from Kia Ora Gaza chair, Roger Fowler. Kia Ora Gaza facilitated the opportunity for MaoriTV to cover the Freedom Flotilla III mission. We understand that MaoriTV plans to document the venture, with exclusive footage, to be aired sometime soon.

‘Barely a whisper’ when Israel arrests MaoriTV journalists

30 Jun

Maori TV journalist Ruwani Perera and free-lance cameraman Jacob Bryant with other international participants aboard MariannePhoto Credit: Kia Ora Gaza : Jacob Bryant on the left and Ruwani Perera 4th from the left alongside other international participants on the Flotilla boat the Marianne.

By Martyn Bradbury, DailyBlog editor on Waatea News, 30 June 2015

NZ mainstream media will focus on Maori TV when journalists leave, but not when their journalists get arrested by Israel

It’s remarkable.

When Journalists leave Maori TV, the mainstream media are almost gleeful in covering it, yet today when Maori TV have had two of their journalists arrested by the Israeli’s, there is barely a whisper?

Maori TV Journalist Ruwani Perera and camera operator, Jacob Bryant, were arrested yesterday on board a peace flotilla trying to break the violent and brutal blockade of Gaza.

In 2010, Israel boarded another peace flotilla and murdered 10 activists. The cruelty and apartheid nature of the occupation of Gaza by the Israeli’s is one of the great on going cultural genocides the modern planet is witnessing. Maori TV have a long history of covering indigenous issues around the globe, and the vicious nature of the illegal occupation of Palestinians is an issue they should be focusing upon. Gaza is little more than the largest open air prison on Earth and the inhumane manner in which Palestinians are forced to suffer as a people is the very type of story Maori TV has every right to cover.

Trying to ignore the journalistic reasons as to why Maori TV journalists are there and paint them as ‘trouble makers’ merely supports and aids the occupiers. It doesn’t shine light on the ugly truth.

At a time when our Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully, is attempting fro search for peace in the Middle East as part of our new role on the Security Council, the least he can do is demand Israel release two of our journalists immediately, and the least the wider NZ media can do is show support for two of their colleagues arrested for doing their job.

Martyn Bradbury, Editor – TheDailyBlog.co.nz   Facebook/CitizenBomber    twitter.com/CitizenBomber

Detained Kiwi journalists ‘safe & well’ – due back tomorrow

30 Jun
Ruwani Perera

Statement from Maori Television, 30 June 2015

A Māori Television crew will be flown back from Israel after their boat was detained by the Israeli Navy while attempting to break the Gaza blockade.

Native Affairs senior reporter Ruwani Perera and cameraman Jacob Bryant, were invited to join the Freedom Flotilla FF3 as observers to document their quest by New Zealand organisation Kia Ora Gaza.

Head of News and Current Affairs Maramena Roderick says Ms Perera and Mr Bryant are both safe and well and are expected to arrive back in New Zealand tomorrow.

She says Māori Television staff are working with authorities at the New Zealand embassy in Ankara, Turkey to support the crew.

“Foreign Affairs says their embassy staff in Ankara had informed them that both Ruwani and Jacob have been treated well and with respect by local authorities.

“We appreciate the assistance of embassy officials to bring our crew home. The contingencies plans we had all worked so carefully on are now falling into place.”

Ms Roderick says the safety of our crew has and will always remain a priority for the network. “Our team is committed to their safe return home.”

From http://www.maoritelevision.com

‘Gaza is on the horizon’

22 Jun


The last video message from the first Flotilla ship, the Marianne in Messina, Sicily, before they set sail to join the other Freedom Flotilla III boats heading for Gaza by the end of June. [Video in Swedish and English language sections]

On board are two New Zealand media reps; senior journalist with MaoriTV, Ruwani Perera, and award-winning cameraman, Jake Bryant (both of whom can be briefly spotted in this video clip during the wharf-side briefing). Their mission has been facilitated by Kia Ora Gaza. Watch out for their reports.

The Marianne, which has sailed from Sweden, stopped in at the Messina port to receive the solidarity and support of Italian people. From there, Gaza is on the horizon.

Kia Ora Gaza will post updates & news on the Flotilla on our FaceBook pages and website: kiaoragaza.net

The flotilla organisers will be tweeting about the mission using the following Hashtag:
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