Community event to support Women’s peace flotilla

17 Aug

WBG fundraiser

Enjoy a great night out and support our New Zealand rep on the Women’s Boat to Gaza peace flotilla.

Next month Green Party MP Marama Davidson will join other prominent women from around the world taking a non-violent stand for peace as their boats challenge Israel’s illegal & inhumane 10-year blockade of the impoverished Gaza Strip in Palestine.

Supporters are welcome to this big multi-cultural dinner – Meet Marama, Greens’ spokesperson on Human Rights, and hear what she has to say. Support entertainers include Moana Maniapoto, Tigilau Ness and a variety of exciting cultural performances.

Go to the FaceBook events page to book your tickets:

See the sidebar if you wish to send a donation to this important international project. Thanks to your generosity, we are well over half-way  to achieving our target of $25,000.

The ‘Question of Palestine’ is the question of MidEast peace

11 Aug


“..peace and stability is not merely a moral imperative to end decades of Israeli colonialism and military occupation; but Israel has proved to be the most common threat to the region. Its past and present are laden with military aggression, occupation and constant interventions in other countries’ affairs.

Thus, the ‘question of Palestine’ is in fact the ‘question of peace’ in the entire Middle East region as well.”

By Ramzy Baroud, Palestine Chronicle, 10 August 2016

Of Hajah Zainab – Is Palestine still the central issue for Arabs?

Palestine is increasingly absent from Arab consciousness, at least at the official and media levels. For years, the discussion has veered elsewhere, to other regions and various other concerns, as Arab regional alliances are no longer driven by the ‘question of Palestine.’

Whether one blames that neglect on the so-called Arab Spring, or explains it in context of regional rivalry, the facts cannot be negated or even ignored. “Palestine no longer tops the agenda of most Arab intellectuals,” a dear Saudi friend and respected writer told me recently. “But the few of us who remain, will continue to fight for Palestine,” he insisted.

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Special film screening to fund a new camera for Emad Burnat

10 Aug



Malaysian doctor to join Women’s Boat to Gaza

10 Aug


Dr. Fauziah Mohd Hasan wrote an statement announcing her participation in Women’s Boat to Gaza:

Alhamdulillah – first and foremost I thank Allah Almighty and the FFC (Freedom Flotilla Coalition) committee members for giving me this opportunity and honour to be one of the participants in the WBG – Women’s Boat to Gaza. My participation is not on my individual capacity but representing my family, my women folks, my nation and all Muslims and humanity the world over. I also want to take this opportunity to thank the Board of Trustees, CEO and staff of Humanitarian Care Malaysia (MyCARE) for their unrelenting support for me to take this trip. To my husband and family, thank you for being there for me at all moments in my life.

We salute and fully support the efforts made by FFC to end the blockade of Gaza, despite all the difficulties and challenges faced by FFC and its volunteers. The Amal will sail in September and arrive in Gaza in October, God Willing. We thank the global community for keeping an eye on the safety of our boats and for the continuous support to end the siege of Gaza. Let us all join hands for one purpose i.e. to ensure all Palestinians are given their humanly right to freedom, feeling secure and safe.

This humanitarian mission involves women only, just to show that there is a united voice in ending the blockade of Gaza, beyond gender, race, religion and geographical boundaries. It is purely a humanitarian mission to ensure freedom is given to all as pointed by Nelson Mandela, “We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”

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TV panel discussion on the Women’s Boat to Gaza

10 Aug


VIDEO: Waatea 5th Estate, 8 August 2016

Waatea 5th Estate host Martyn Bradbury discusses next month’s international women’s peace flotilla with Green Party MP and participant in the Women’s Boat to Gaza, Marama Davidson, Kia Ora Gaza co-ordinator and human rights activist Roger Fowler, and former convoy to Gaza participant and Palestinian rights activist, Tali Williams.

Bradbury reported that the previous week he had sent an invitation to the ‘Friends of Israel’ group to join the panel discussion. However the group was unable to send a spokesperson and instead issued a three page statement, which they expected Bradbury to read out on the programme. Bradbury extrapolated questions for the panel from the FOI letter.

Israeli soldier assaults child playing on ‘Jews-only road’

4 Aug

Video: Israeli soldier assaults child playing on ‘Jews-only road’

“As cruel as this assault is.. it is no random act, but rather enforcement of Israel’s segregation policy in the occupied West Bank city.”

By Ali Abunimah, The Electronic Intifada, 3 August 2016

Eight-year-old Anwar Burqan was playing with her young sister and brothers in al-Ibrahimi Street, near their home in Hebron’s al-Salaima neighborhood on 25 July when their games were interrupted by Israel’s pervasive military occupation.

The video above, filmed by local resident Raed Abu Ramileh and published by the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem, shows some of what happened.

According to Anwar’s account, she was riding a bicycle belonging to one of her brothers when an Israeli Border Police combatant ran over, stepped on the bicycle and took it away from her.

The child can be seen raising her arm in apparent reflexive self-defense.

As can be heard in the video, the combatant shouts at her to “go home” and the child bursts into tears. The rifle-bearing soldier then throws the bicycle into the bushes.

“Only Jews walk here”

As cruel as this assault is – threatening behavior that puts another person in fear of immediate physical harm – it is no random act, but rather enforcement of Israel’s segregation policy in the occupied West Bank city.

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Video interview with Palestinian MP Haneen Zoabi

3 Aug

VIDEO: Interview with Palestinian MP Haneen Zoab. Middle East Monitor, 2 August 2016

Haneen Zoabi is the first female Arab citizen of Israel who is of Palestinian descent to serve in the Israeli Knesset [parliament]. Serving since 2009, Zoabi represents the National Democratic Assembly party whose aim is to transform Israel into a democracy for all its citizens. The party is now part of the Joint List.

An outspoken opponent of the Israeli occupation, Zoabi courts controversy due to her rejection of Israel as a Jewish state and her strong criticism of its policies.

Zoabi speaks to Middle East Monitor about the struggle of Palestinian citizens of Israel and the expulsion bill recently approved by the Israeli Knesset.


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