Palestinian kids talk

2 Aug

VIDEO: Join Nadine, the youngest journalist in 16th October Media Group for an up-close look at real life in Gaza from the eyes of a child, in our first episode of her show “Palestinian Kids Talk.” (See YouTube link below)

Follow the YouTube channel to watch more of video reports and shows from Gaza.#PalestinianKidsTalk#16thOctoberGroup .

Boycott Israel, the apartheid state under new management

31 Jul
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

A new coalition government is being led by Yamina Party leader Naftali Bennett in Israel. Photo: AFP

By John Minto, Opinion, RNZ, 31 July 2021.

Comment – It’s tempting to think Israel’s new government might be a sign that change is in the air after 12 years of hard-right rule by Benjamin Netanyahu.

The man who has dominated Israeli politics for so long and campaigned against a Palestinian state is finally gone, for now at least. He has been ousted, after four inconclusive elections in two years, by a broad coalition led by Yamina Party leader Naftali Bennett.

On paper the government is, in Israeli terms, a centre-left government and much has been made of a small Arab party now part of a ruling coalition government for the first time ever.

Might it be time to hope Israel will move towards considering equal rights for Palestinians? Might now be the time for countries like New Zealand to engage more and encourage change towards justice for Palestinians and peace for everyone?

Unfortunately, the answer is a resounding no. The new Israeli government is wedded to continue running what the largest and most respected Israeli human rights organisation B’Tselem calls “a regime of Jewish supremacy from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea”. In their January 2021 landmark report it confirmed what Palestinians and South Africans have been saying for decades – that Israel is an apartheid state.

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Israeli forces wound more than 250 Palestinian protesters

31 Jul
A Palestinian protester injured during clashes with Israeli forces is carried into an ambulance, in the village of Beita, occupied West Bank [Jaafar Ashtiyeh/AFP]
A Palestinian protester injured during clashes with Israeli forces is carried into an ambulance, in the village of Beita, occupied West Bank [Jaafar Ashtiyeh/AFP]

Aljazeera, 31 July 2021

About 270 Palestinian protesters have been injured, mostly by tear gas, in confrontations with Israeli troops in the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Red Crescent said.

Most injuries were sustained in Beita village near Nablus in the north of the occupied West Bank where residents have held regular demonstrations since May, when Israeli settlers started to set up caravans and pave roads on a disputed hilltop.

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Palestinian showcase this weekend

29 Jul

2021: The year of Israeli Apartheid

28 Jul
A Palestinian youth uses a sledgehammer to knock holes through a wall connected to Israel’s controversial separation barrier in the Abu Dis neighbourhood bordering Jerusalem on 9 July 2013. (APA Images)


More than 1000 academics, artists and intellectuals have signed a “Declaration on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid in Historic Palestine,” in a sign of the growing acceptance of the term in the west.

When in a few years historians look at the year 2021 in Israel, it’s a safe bet that the salient theme will not be COVID-19 or the exit of Netanyahu but apartheid.

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John Minto’s national speaking tour is coming your way

26 Jul

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the massive Kiwi protests against the 1981 racist Apartheid South African rugby tour of New Zealand, PSNA chairman John Minto is conducting a national speaking tour highlighting the need to build a broad nationwide and global movement to help end Israeli-style Apartheid, brutally imposed on Palestine since 1948.

Come along and bring your friends. The full itinerary of events, that re-trace the infamous 1981 Springboks tour, is here in the order they are coming up:

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How Israel slowly suffocates Gaza

22 Jul
People hold banners and flags before a podium against a background of rubble

Palestinians demand an end to the siege on Gaza in a protest in front of the rubble of al-Jalaa tower, which had housed offices of the Associated Press and Al Jazeera before it was bombed by Israel in May.

As the Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha begins, Gaza is still reeling from Israel’s 11-daybombing campaign in May.

The Israeli assault started just before the Eid al-Fitr holiday marking the end of Ramadan, and ended with the killing of at least 245 Palestinians in Gaza, including 63 children.

The bombs may have stopped dropping. But the devastation continues.

Palestinians in the coastal enclave have been left to rebuild and recover from widespread destruction while living under a 14-year Israeli blockade that appears to hamper this process on certain political negotiations and outcomes.

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Medical aid arrives in Gaza

19 Jul

One of the first civilian solidarity convoys to arrive in Gaza since Israel’s devastating 11day bombardment in May, managed to cross through the strictly controlled border with Egypt yesterday.

The fleet of huge trucks packed with urgently needed medical and pharmaceutical aid, organised by ‘Miles of Smiles’ coalition, had travelled through the Sinai desert from Alexandria in Egypt.

Generously supported by people and organisations from 15 countries, this delivery is to be soon followed by a convoy of 25 new, fully-equipped ambulances that are currently being prepared in Egypt. Another 10 ambulances are also due to arrive from Jordan.

The sponsors of this major international solidarity mission include Kia Ora Gaza and other partners in the Freedom Flotilla Coalition.

Follow progress on our Kia Ora Gaza website:

Unloading the supplies of medical aid from the fleet of trucks in Gaza yesterday

VIDEO: Freedom Flotilla Coalition sponsors Gaza convoy ambulance

17 Jul

VIDEO: Miles of Smiles convoy organiser Dr Essam Mustafa presents the convoy ambulance sponsored by Freedom Flotilla Coalition campaigns, including Kia Ora Gaza.

Miles of Smiles is preparing 25 new ambulances in Egypt to travel together soon as an international solidarity convoy to boost Gaza’s severely crippled health services devastated by Israel’s repeated bombardments and 14 year siege.

This $US2million humanitarian aid mission, the 39th convoy organised by Miles of Smiles, is supported by organisations from 15 countries. The first stage, comprising a fleet of large trucks packed with urgently needed medical supplies and equipment, is on its way to Gaza. The 25 ambulances are due to follow after the Eid al-Adha holiday next week.

The convoy organisers thank supporters around the world, including FFC and the many generous Kiwis who have contributed $NZ35,000 to the Kia Ora Gaza ‘Ambulances for Gaza Appeal’.

Urgent medical supplies on their way to Gaza

17 Jul
Volunteers loading medical supplies onto one of the huge convoy trucks in Alexandria, Egypt.

Egypt has finally agreed to allow the ‘Miles of Smiles’ international solidarity convoy to enter war-ravaged Gaza – one of the first such aid convoys since the Gaza Strip was severely devastated during Israel’s 11day heavy bombardment in May.

Kia Ora Gaza is one of the many organisations from over 15 countries supporting this urgent medical aid convoy.

Kiwis have generously donated $35,000 to the Kia Ora Gaza appeal to co-sponsor one of the 25 fully-equipped ambulances in the convoy, with our Freedom Flotilla Coalition partners.

Hundreds of boxes of urgently needed medical supplies and equipment have been loaded into huge trucks in Alexandria, Egypt, and are now on their way north through the volatile Sinai desert to Gaza’s Rafah crossing, as the first part of the mission.

Meanwhile the 25 convoy ambulances are in Alexandria for final preparations, and are set to depart for the besieged Gaza Strip after the Eid al-Adha holiday next week.

Convoy organisers increased the number of ambulances from 20 to 25 in response to a vast groundswell of support from around the world. Another 10 ambulances are due to arrive from Jordan via the Erez crossing.

Convoy leaders show the new ambulance co-sponsored by Kia Ora Gaza and other Freedom Flotilla Coalition partners.
Volunteers moving a warehouse-full of vital medical supplies and equipment for Gaza into a fleet of convoy trucks in Alexandria, Egypt. (photos supplied).

No ambulances amid the bombings:

17 Jul

How Gaza’s COVID-19 patients survived Israel’s military assault

Palestinians in Gaza who tested positive for COVID-19 during the recent escalation with Israel struggled to care for their health and their families, amid both airstrikes and overwhelmed hospitals.

Palestinians inspect the rubbles of a building after hit by an Israeli airstrike in front of ministry of health headquarters Gaza City on May 17, 2021. (Photo: Naaman Omar/APA Images)


BY AHMED AL-SAMMAK, Mondoweiss, 17 July 2021

When Imad Alhour, 33, realized it was time to get admitted to the closest hospital treating COVID-19, he had to first figure out the safest route to avoid airstrikes. Next, he needed to hail a taxi.

Alhour lives in Gaza City and fell sick with coronavirus symptoms a few days before a violent escalation broke out between Israel and Gaza in May. His wife, Imran Namroti, 30, also had trouble breathing and a high fever. Neither had been tested, as Gaza’s scant laboratory supplies limits testing to only the sickest patients. 

“We did not call any ambulances because they were just on duty to help people who were injured, and to find who was killed,” said Alhour.

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UNICEF calls for immediate assistance to Gaza

15 Jul

Gaza Post, 12 July 2021

The United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has urged for immediate humanitarian aid to be sent to the beleaguered Gaza Strip.

“There are one million children in Gaza, many of them are in desperate need of help. We demand unhindered humanitarian aid to the #GazaStrip, where many children require immediate health, water, and education.”

“Without aid, children will suffer grave repercussions.”

Lynn Hastings, the UN Humanitarian Coordinator for the Occupied Palestinian Territory, said that Israel’s embargo on transporting supplies into the restricted Gaza Strip jeopardizes crucial sectors in the enclave.

Without a return to regular entrance of commodities into Gaza, she said, the UN’s and its partners’ ability to undertake important interventions, as well as Gazans’ livelihoods and basic services, is threatened.

Art auction raises funds for Gaza ambulance convoy

13 Jul

Kia Ora Gaza’s special art auction attracted many generous bids over the past three days – with the highest bid of $750 claiming the unique glazed brick (shown above) created by renowned Auckland potter and ceramicist, Peter Lange.

As Peter said “it’s such a wonderful result” adding that “the brick has gone to a very generous and enthusiastic new owner for $750. Plus three earlier bidders who missed out have donated another $750 making the total raised from this hastily organised event $1500!!! Very generous gestures in support of this valuable humanitarian project, Ambulances for Gaza Convoy. Thankyou.”

The highest bidder told Kia Ora Gaza “My wife and I are delighted to support such a worthwhile cause. We love Peter’s creativity and generosity. The brick and its artistry delivers a poignant representation of the plight faced by the people of Gaza.”

As donations keep rolling in, the international ‘Miles of Smiles’ aid convoy of 20 ambulances patiently waits in Cairo for the final OK from Egypt. Another 10 ambulances are preparing to leave Jordan for war-ravaged Gaza.

Kia Ora Gaza has transferred $30,000 donated by generous Kiwis over the past few weeks. These funds go directly towards sponsoring one of the convoy ambulances – a donation that keeps on giving where it’s needed most.

Thank you for your magnificent support.

(See earlier posts on the convoy and the auction. Above photo & graphics by Peter Lange)

Special fundraising auction

10 Jul

…make an offer for this unique creation by legendary potter, Peter Lange

Legendary potter and ceramicist, Peter Lange (yes, yes! of David) has created a special glazed-image brick to offer for auction to raise funds for Kia Ora Gaza’s “Ambulances for Gaza Convoy” appeal.

The image depicts a Palestinian ambulance and flag.

Make an offer anytime before 11:59pm on Monday 12 July – the highest offer will receive this truly unique collector’s item on Tuesday!

Email your bid with your name and phone number to:

NOTE: The amount of the highest bid each day will be posted HERE on this site at 10am, and 2pm, and 6pm and 10pm each day until Monday night. On Monday night bids will be posted as they are received & the highest bidder will be contacted after midnight

BIDDING UPDATE: at 11:59 on Monday 12 July 2021 – the highest bid received is $750. Congratulations! And a warm thank you to all the participants.

Watch the video (below) as Peter describes his one-off creation and generous gesture.

Update on convoy of ambulances for Gaza

8 Jul

The Miles of Smiles international solidarity convoy of 20 ambulances patiently awaits final clearance from Egyptian authorities to enter war-ravaged Gaza.

The convoy organisers hope to be able to reach Gaza via the volatile Sinai desert as soon as possible this month.

Last minute preparations are underway in Cairo to add much needed medical and food supplies to the mission.

Miles of Smiles is also arranging a second fleet of another 10 ambulances for Gaza, scheduled to arrive soon from Jordan.

Convoy coordinator Dr Essam Mustafa told Kia Ora Gaza that MoS greatly appreciates the generous support from people and organisations from over twelve countries around the world, including donations totalling $NZ30,000 from the Kia Ora Gaza appeal in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Volunteers pack boxes of urgent food supplies in Cairo for the convoy to Gaza.
Convoy leaders meet with Red Crescent officials in Cairo to organise much needed supplies of pharmaceutical items and medical equipment for Gaza’s severely depleted hospitals. Supplies will include specialist surgical instruments, ECG machines, monitors, plasma extractors, medical microscopes, and equipment for patients with disabilities.
Convoy organisers finalise the purchase of 20 new ambulances from Toyota in Cairo
Miles of Smiles delivered a convoy of 14 ambulances to Gaza before the Covid pandemic in January last year. The current solidarity aid mission is the 39th convoy organised by MoS. [Photo: MEMO]
MoS convoy coordinator Dr Essam Mustafa checks out the interior of one of the fully-fitted ambulances.
One of the new Toyota ambulances, fully-equipped and ready for service in Gaza. [Photos:MoS]

These ambulances will give a huge boost to Gaza’s struggling medical services seriously devastated by Israel’s heavy bombing raids in May.

Kia Ora Gaza is raising funds towards sponsoring one of these ambulances, which costs $NZ62,500 fully-fitted.

It’s not too late to support our urgent appeal for this important practical solidarity mission – but please do it now.


Please donate with a direct payment to our bank account: Kia Ora Gaza Trust, 03-0211-0447718-000, Westpac Bank. Afterwards, email with your deposit details so we can send you an e-receipt.

VIDEO: Israeli forces demolish Palestinian school under-construction

7 Jul

Israeli demolition policy in Palestine saw a 200 percent increase in 2020. 24 Palestinian buildings have been demolished or confiscated in the Occupied WestBank during the 2 weeks before 28 June. (Photo: Palestine Chronicle File)

Quds News Network, Occupied Jerusalem, 7 July 2021

Israeli occupation bulldozers broke into the Al-Salam neighborhood in Anata town in occupied Jerusalem earlier today and embarked on demolishing a school building under construction.

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Dreams and Despair in Gaza

4 Jul

After the 11-day assault by Israeli forces ended in an uneasy truce, a Gazan writer reflects on the horror of what happened, and what may continue to happen if nothing changes.

By Haneen Shat, Current Affairs, 3 July 2021

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Report: 91% of Gaza Children Traumatized after Israel’s Last Offensive

4 Jul

Palestinian girl in Gaza joins the funeral of her brother, Mahmoud Talaba, 15 who was killed in Israeli strike at the Zaytoun neighbourhood. (Photo: Mahmoud Ajjour, the Palestine Chronicle)

Palestine Chronicle, 4 July 2021

Nine out of ten children in the Gaza Strip currently suffer some form of conflict-related trauma after the Israeli military attack ended over a month ago, according to the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor (Euro-Med Monitor).

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Video: Powerful speech at graduation ceremony

2 Jul

Palestinian activist and Sheikh Jarrah resident Mona al-Kurd delivers a powerful speech during her graduation from the University of Birzeit in Occupied West Bank. Middle East Eye, 1 July 2021.

Prominent Palestinian activist Mona al-Kurd reacts during scuffles with Israeli police amid ongoing tension ahead of an upcoming court hearing in an Israeli-Palestinian land-ownership dispute in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem, occupied Palestine, May 4, 2021. (Reuters Photo)

Video: Ambulance convoy for Gaza getting ready to go

22 Jun

Video: 20 modern, fully-equipped ambulances are now being prepared in Cairo for the 2021 ‘Miles of Smiles’ international convoy to Gaza. These ambulances will give a huge boost to Gaza’s struggling medical services seriously devastated by Israel’s heavy bombing raids last month.

Kia Ora Gaza is raising funds towards sponsoring one of these ambulances, which costs $NZ62,500 fully-fitted.

Please support our urgent appeal for this important practical solidarity mission, and share this post.


Please donate now with a direct payment to our bank account: Kia Ora Gaza Trust, 03-0211-0447718-000, Westpac Bank. Afterwards, email with your deposit details so we can send you an e-receipt.

Gaza’s paramedics overstretched
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