MaoriTV documentary on the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza

28 Jul


Native Affairs report, MaoriTV, 27 July 2015

Palestinian supporters call it a “Freedom Flotilla”. The Israeli Government named it the “Terror Flotilla.”

Last month five vessels planned to set sail for Gaza, their mission to try and break the Israeli-imposed naval blockade of Gaza.

On board the ships were human rights activists, artists and political figures representing 17 countries, along-side media from around the globe.

One of the journalists on board was our Native Affairs reporter Ruwani Perera, who, along with cameraman Jacob Bryant, were there to observe the voyage.

Here’s their account of what happened on board:

Destination Gaza – Part 1

What was supposed to be a flotilla of five became a quest for one Swedish fishing boat, [The ‘Marianne’ – pictured above] on course for Gaza.

On board was our Native Affairs reporter Ruwani Perera and cameraman Jacob Bryant.  They would soon be joined by politicians and a former president, and face the might of the Israeli Defence Force.

Here’s part two of our special report:

Destination Gaza – Part 2

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